Divine Afro Mini Market

from us everything you are looking for and you can send money to your family in Nigeria

About us

Vieni a trovarci, siamo a Novara

Come by our store and whatever you need from Nigeria we can provide it for you

A few things we’re great at

Check all the things we can do for you

Food and drink from Nigeria

We are in Italy. Visit our store in Novara.

Buy your ticket here

Bus or flight. Ask us. We can make you save money.

We transfer your money

Try us! Best transfer fees and best rate.

Your hair

Best hais available

Visit our store to check and buy the best hair in the market.

Our products from Africa

Directly from our Nigerian supplier

We choose from our best supplier the best food and we guarantee the best price..


  • Best red palmoil
  • From our best suppliers

Check our Mini Market

  • Everything you need
  • Best products onl

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